Cursed Pirate Girl

cursed pirate girlCursed Pirate Girl
Written and art by Jeremy Bastian
Published by Archaia
Review by Jonathan Miller

It is hard to know where to begin with this book; and I barely feel that anything I write will do this herculean effort of storytelling justice. Before opening the pages to the actual story the reader is blown away with several illustrations of mind boggling detail. And then the story actually starts and the detail becomes exponentially greater.
But to take a step back for a moment, Cursed Pirate Girl brings to mind Alice in Wonderland. A feisty young heroine plunged into a bizarre world populated by even more bizarre and grotesque characters in a search for her father, guided by a parrot (naturally).
Every panel in this lavish whimsical fantasy is crammed with minute painstaking detail of a kind rarely found in comics. While the book may weigh in at some 200 or so pages, taking time to study the artwork in close detail makes this book no light read.
Quite frankly, I have never read anything like this before, and I doubt I will again. Cursed Pirate Girl is an absolute delight from start to finish, and a rare treat for the reader.
Do your eyes a favour, and pick this one up.

The Grinning Demon Says:

I was a fan of this book before meeting Jeremy at LSCC, but after chatting, getting a head sketch and generally shooting a breeze about the amount of work that went in to this and current follow up projects, all I can say is buy this…now…in fact, buy two and give one to a friend. Delightfully charming and probably the most intricately illustrated graphic novel I’ve ever read>

You can buy Cursed Pirate Girl here


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